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Пн Июн 24 12:18:20 MSD 2002

Посмотрите, по-моему, стоящая вещь, чтобы объявить о ней на сайте KDE.
KDE как всегда, впереди всех по крутости... :)


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From: Jay Cornwall <jay на evilrealms.net>
To: kde-usability на kde.org
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2002, 8:06:40 PM
Subject: Kilt - KDE I18n & L10n Tool

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A couple of weeks ago on the kde-usability list, I discussed the possibility 
of an integrated country/keyboard/language selection tool for KDE, in a 
similar vein to KXKB. Well, the result is here, and it's called Kilt (the KDE 
Internationalisation and Localisation Tool).

My original idea was to develop this as an alternative to KXKB, for people who 
needed extra control over l10n on their desktop (for example in Internet 
cafes). After looking into the KXKB and KCMLocale code, I decided that it 
wouldn't be possible to integrate proper keyboard selection in this way.

Since then I've been working on Kilt as a replacement for KXKB. Kilt retains 
all of KXKB's functionality, while extending it to handle also country and 
language selection. Screenshots can be found here:

And a tarball containing the program here:

And mirrors here, in case my connection goes down (as it often does :/ ):

Have a look at the screenshots, and give Kilt a whirl if you've got the time 
(it's a fairly short compile). I'd like to hear the KDE users' and 
developers' comments, and whether or not you'd like to see it as part of KDE.

If there is interest, I can produce a tarball as a drop-in replacement for 
kdebase/kxkb. As Kilt retains all of KXKB's functionality, it's an easy 
transition for the user (all of the changes are hidden in the popup menu, 
whilst the external operation remains the same) but a useful one for people 
who need these features.

If on the other hand, you'd prefer that I didn't add these features to KXKB, 
just say so. Although I've put quite a lot of work into Kilt, the amount I've 
learned from writing it has been worth the effort alone. :)

Happy coding. :)

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