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Вт Май 13 15:47:51 MSD 2003

Авторам перевода К3b: время пить пиво и обновлять перевод. Виталий,


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From: Sebastian Trueg <sebastian на trueg.de>
To: kde-i18n-doc на mail.kde.org
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2003, 3:18:07 PM
Subject: K3b 0.9 message freeze

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Hy there,

from this day on until the first of June we will add no new messages
to the K3b cvs. So the next weeks are a good time to update the K3b
messages. I want to thank everybody who helped translating K3b. :)

We will release K3b 0.9 the first of June.


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