[kde-russian] Re[2]: accelerator check

Gregory Mokhin =?iso-8859-1?q?mok_=CE=C1_kde=2Eru?=
Пн Ноя 10 23:02:13 MSK 2003

Как проверять согласованность клавиатурных акселераторов в переводе.
Имеется в виду файл ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals, в который можно
добавить следующую группу параметров.


SK> This class allows translators (and application developers) to
SK> check for accelerator conflicts in menu and widgets. Put the
SK> following in your kdeglobals (or the config file for the
SK> application you're testing):

SK>  [Development]
SK>  CheckAccelerators=F12
SK>  AutoCheckAccelerators=false
SK>  AlwaysShowCheckAccelerators=false

SK> The checking can be either manual or automatic. To perform
SK> manual check, press the keyboard shortcut set to
SK> 'CheckAccelerators' (here F12). If automatic checking is enabled
SK> by setting 'AutoCheckAccelerators' to true, check will be
SK> performed every time the GUI changes. It's possible that in
SK> certain cases the check will be done also when no visible
SK> changes in the GUI happen or the check won't be done even if the
SK> GUI changed (in the latter case, use manual check ). Automatic
SK> checks can be anytime disabled by the checkbox in the dialog
SK> presenting the results of the check. If you set
SK> 'AlwaysShowCheckAccelerators' to true, the dialog will be shown
SK> even if the automatic check didn't find any conflicts, and all
SK> submenus will be shown, even those without conflicts.

SK> The dialog first lists the name of the window, then all results
SK> for all menus (if the window has a menubar) and then result for
SK> all controls in the active window (if there are any checkboxes
SK> etc.). For every submenu and all controls there are shown all
SK> conflicts grouped by accelerator, and a list of all used
SK> accelerators.

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