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Ср Июн 2 15:34:45 MSD 2004

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Subject: [dot] KDE Users Database
Date: 2 Июнь 2004 10:54
From: Dot Headlines <headlines на kdenews.org>
To: dot-headlines на kde.org

From: Rael <rael на kde.pl>
Dept: kde-user-counting
Date: Wednesday 02/Jun/2004, @08:50

KDE Users Database

URL: http://dot.kde.org/1086159005/

A few days ago, we've opened a new section on our Polish K Desktop Environment 
website called "KDE Users Database". This is not only for Polish users, it's 
international. After some time it'll be good rate of KDE users number all 
over the world. Every registered user can save generated certificates and put 
them on his desktop or website. So, let's register! Please note, that this is 
not an official KDE users counter - but, maybe in future - it might change. 

Короче - заходим, регистримся... :)

Андрей Черепанов
sibskull на mail.ru

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