[kde-russian] aMule translation update: release is near!

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Вт Апр 5 11:19:52 MSD 2005


This is an e-mail sent to all aMule translators, so, if you are reciving this e-mail it is because you are or were an aMule translator.
If you do not wish to be contacted for aMule translating issues or do not wish to translate aMule any longer, please contact me (jacobo221 на amule.org).

Now, direct to the matter:
aMule 2.0.0-rc8 has been out for quite some time already (it was released on 2004-Dec-23), so it is time to think about new releases ;-)
As you might all know, you were suggested not to update translations for the mean time, since the translated strings were going to be completly reworked so that you could more easily understand their context (see http://www.amule.org/amule/thread.php?threadid=5600 for more information). Well, this rework has been *HARD*, but right an hour ago, at 7:55am (ye, i've spent quite some nights awake doing this strings rework... and not only me!) we finished it. So you can now download the new .po file from the usual url ( http://www.amule.org/amule/thread.php?threadid=1097 ) or just create one yourselfs (check wiki: http://www.amule.org/wiki/index.php/Translations ).

Now you may wonder... why such a hurry in doing this string translations rework? Well, you all know the rumours that 2.0.0-rc8 would be the last RC version. Now, get the undisclosed priviledge of knowing that aMule 2.0.0 final is scheduled for release on Monday 11th April 2005! (Unless wxWidgets 2.6 hasn't been released by then. Let's pray to our Gods, whatever they are). Please do NOT reveal this date. So, we encourage you to update those great translations you've been keeping to have a complete final release :-)

Since translating is not an easy job we wanted to finish the strings rework AT LEAST one week before scheduled release. Ok, now is just one week before, but I promise we couldn't finish the work earlier. Once again, we're sorry for annuonceing so late :-(

We hope one week is enough time to update the translation...

You know the final note: "Please, never unveil the release dates we provide you." ;-)

Last: If for whatever reason, when you recieve an e-mail announcing release you are unable to update your translation before the release date or you don't want to keep the translation any more, *please* tell us/me so a proper request for help can be posted on forum / news.

You already know the way to contact us:

IRC:    #amule at irc.freenode.net
e-mail: jacobo221 на amule.org

Thanks for all your contributions and help!

The aMule Team ( http://www.amule.org )

P.S.: Remember, the translation file is at  

P.P.S.: Also remember, translated files must go into http://www.amule-project.net/amule/board.php?boardid=40 in your language's thread.

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