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Чт Фев 3 19:46:54 MSK 2005

Leonid Kanter wrote:
> Когда они наконец успокоятся? Сегодня в konqueror снова 30 сообщений
> обновилось.



Today I will create a KDE_3_4_BETA_2 tag and with
that being done, KDE CVS is in temporary freeze until
the tar balls are reviewed. As I made snapshots before
and tested them, I'm sure that this shouldn't show major
problems and I expect the freeze over tomorrow already
(Friday the 4th - 6pm CET unless said differently on this

Even beyond that time, there is now a message and feature
freeze active for KDE 3.4. This means: no new strings, no
changes to existant changes unless approved on kde-i18n-doc на kde.org
and no new features even if listed on the KDE 3.4 Feature Plan.
 From now on it's time to do bug fixing and translation updates.

So please everyone: double check your app/code and if in
doubt: send your patch to kde-core-devel на kde.org and let
it review. I will update the tag tomorrow, but try to review
all incoming commits.

Translation and code commit outside of the released modules
are allowed all the time, but I will take the translations of this
morning in any way.

I would also like to remind all application maintainers, that
today is a good time to update the version number and take
a brief look if all features marked correctly on

Thanks, Stephan
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