[kde-russian] Fwd: [Bug 135756] New: Wrong russian translation in Konquest

Gregory Mokhin =?iso-8859-1?q?mok_=CE=C1_kde=2Eru?=
Пн Окт 16 18:54:36 MSD 2006

$B'*'c'a'b'Q'S'n'd'V(B, $B'a'`'X'Q']'e'['c'd'Q(B, $B'S(B $B'S'V'd'\'Q'g(B, $B'e(B $B'\'`'T'`(B $B'V'c'd'n(B $B'c'V'['i'Q'c(B $B'S'`'Y'^'`'X'_'`'c'd'n(B $B'o'd'`(B $B'c'U'V']'Q'd'n(B.


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Date: 16 Oct 2006 14:26:36 -0000
Subject: [Bug 135756] New: Wrong russian translation in Konquest

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           Summary: Wrong russian translation in Konquest
           Product: i18n
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Ubuntu Packages

Version:            (using KDE KDE 3.5.5)
Installed from:    Ubuntu Packages
OS:                Linux

In Konquest, when I click "Fleet description" ($B'0'a'Z'c'Q'_'Z'V(B $B'f']'`'d'Q(B), I see 5 columns:
$B'6']'`'d(B $B-b(B
$B'7'`'U(B $B'a'b'Z'R'm'd'Z'q(B

but names of the columns have to be
$B'6']'`'d(B $B-b(B
$B'/'Q'Y'_'Q'i'V'_'Z'V(B ("destination", not "distance", because it's a destination
planet name)
$B'.'`'k'n(B $B'f']'`'d'Q(B ("Power of fleet" or "Damage of fleet", not "$B'5'_'Z'i'd'`'X'V'_'`(B",
which means "Destroyed")
$B'7'`'U(B $B'a'b'Z'R'm'd'Z'q(B

And the other mistake (or typo?)
When your fleet arrives to your planet X, you get message
"$B'1'`'U'\'b'V'a']'V'_'Z'V(B $B'a'b'Z'R'm']'`(B $B'c(B $B'a']'Q'_'V'd'm(B X" ("Reinforcement has arrived FROM
planet X"), but it has to be "$B'1'`'U'\'b'V'a']'V'_'Z'V(B $B'a'b'Z'R'm']'`(B $B'_'Q(B $B'a']'Q'_'V'd'e(B X"
("Reinforcement has arrived TO planet X").


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