[kde-russian] Re: migrating mailing list for Russian KDE team

Gregory Mokhin =?iso-8859-1?q?mok_=CE=C1_kde=2Eru?=
Ср Июн 27 17:16:20 MSD 2007

On 4/3/07, Dirk Mueller <mueller на kde.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday, 3. April 2007, Gregory Mokhin wrote:
> > currently Russian team uses the mailing list kde-russian на lists.kde.ru
> >
> > Due to technical reasons we need to migrate it to some other server.
> > Is it possible to migrate it to a mailing list at kde.org, say,
> > kde-russian на ... ?
> What is the russian team? translation team?
> sure, I'd suggest something like l10n-ru or i18n-ru на kde.org. ok?

Hello Dirk,

Now we are ready to migrate the list. My suggestion for the name of
the list is still kde-russian на kde.org, because that will make the
migration easier.

The archives of the list are available at
http://zigzag.lvk.cs.msu.su/pipermail/kde-russian.mbox/ I hope it will
be possible to migrate them, too.

I can send you the current list of subscribers or subscribe them by
myself, if it is easier for you - please advise how we proceed.

Best wishes,

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