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Пн Фев 4 16:48:32 MSK 2008

04.02.08, Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoudine на gmail.com> написал(а):
> 2008/2/4 Evgeniy Ivanov писал:
> > http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/3256?page=1
> > Меня это взбесило.
> Чем конкретно?

We are a pure KDE distro, it's the original and best free desktop and we
want to promote it.

Это я, если честно, не понял. А другие дистры удаляют KDE утилиты для
настройки? В чём их заслуга?

We use configuration tools from within KDE. Some other distros make
configuration tools such that they can only work with that one distro. I
think KDE wins if we use tools from within KDE, which is why we use
Guidance. Yet other distros use GTK configuration tools and seem to be none
too enthusiastic for cooperation when I port them to Qt, oh well at least I
can maintain it within KDE.

Это обсуждалось в рассылке. Переводят не в апстрим.
Sometimes we get criticised for not passing patches upstream, I'm not sure
where this comes from, I'd really like to see examples of where that hasn't
happened but should have. Usually when I notice something needs a fix in
KDE, I fix it directly because I am a KDE developer. Some other distros have
to be poked into actually interacting with KDE (as a Dot editor I've done
some of this poking).

Я не понимаю, если он контрибьютит в KDE, то это ЕГО личное дело. Если
кто-то с MS прислал пару патчей, то это значит, что "Microsoft develops for
We develop for upstream. I got System Settings to replace KControl (a UI
I've hated since KDE 1), worked with Amarok to get the first automatic codec
installer working (why do people think Ubuntu Desktop got that first?). I'd
like to see desktop-effects going into KDE SVN for those who want a compiz
setup tool. Oh and I spent a long time updating the licence policy when
nobody seemed to care (even some non-KDE Debian packagers!) that KDE could
become illegal to distribute (big shout out to toma and dirk on the related
issue of relicensing GPL 2 only code).

Я рад, что Каноникал не додумались купить Trolltech. Уж лучше MS...

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