[kde-russian] Pology: Writing spelling mistakes to XML

Alexander Potashev aspotashev на gmail.com
Вт Дек 28 23:41:06 UTC 2010


When I run a command like this:
    posieve.py check-rules
ru/messages/playground-accessibility/ksayit.po -sxml:xml_output
, I get the following warnings:

[warning] messages/playground-accessibility/ksayit.po:73(#12): Sieving
failed: too many values to unpack
[warning] messages/playground-accessibility/ksayit.po:234(#48):
Sieving failed: too many values to unpack
[warning] messages/playground-accessibility/ksayit.po:291(#62):
Sieving failed: too many values to unpack

The file ksayit.po contains 3 mistakes according to rules and 3
spelling mistakes (6 problems total). When running "posieve.py
check-rules ..." without redirecting to XML file, all 6 mistakes are
shown. But the XML output does not contain spelling mistakes (and the
above warnings point exactly to the messages with spelling mistakes).
I can run "posieve.py check-spell" with "-sxml" option, but it seems
to be unable to filter out all latin letters before spell-checking.

You can find all the rules and aspell dictionaries necessary to
reproduce the warnings in pology/lang/ru. You should copy or symlink
check-spell.rules.disabled to check-spell.rules in order to enable

P.S.: (About caching.) On second checking, 'posieve check-rules
-sxml:... ...' says "Using cache." and does not shows the warnings
again. How can I clear that cache?

Alexander Potashev

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