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Yuri Chornoivan yurchor на ukr.net
Пт Окт 26 20:07:05 MSK 2012

Добрый день,

Никто не хочет помочь с переводом?

С уважением,

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Від: "Frederik Gladhorn" <gladhorn на kde.org>
Кому: kde-i18n-doc на kde.org
Тема: Translations for qt-at-spi
Дата: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 18:56:21 +0300


just a quick reminder, I'll release qt-at-spi at the end of the month.
There are 64 strings that are unlikely to change in the future.

I would greatly appreciate translations for qtatspi_qt in the playground-
accessibility folder, screen reader users will thank you for it.


Søndag 23. september 2012 12.49.54 skrev Frederik Gladhorn:
> Hi all,
> I thought I'd provide a random update since we're currently gathered in
> Switzerland, rocking KDE accessibility.
> So the maybe most relevant, thanks to Albert Astals Cid help we can now  
> have
> translations. This means loading the kde translation system. It also  
> means
> we now have cmake as build system since that makes it easier to link to  
> the
> KDE translation system. All that is missing are the actual translations
> which will be picked up by translators soon and then a release.
> Dear KDE translators, I'd love to have translations for qtatspi_qt in the
> playground-accessibility folder, then I can make a release in about a  
> month
> (say end of October). It's not that many strings and they will make  
> quite a
> difference since for people using a screen reader these few words like
> "button" come up again and again when navigating the user interfaces.  
> With
> speech synthesization enabled this sounds particularily bad in the wrong
> language ;)
> In other news we made some progress in Dolphin, such that now the folders
> will be read when in "icon" mode, the tree view mode is still lacking.
> A few more crashes were fixed and we'll move on to reviewing some more
> applications. Hopefully the next kde releases will become better and  
> better
> when it comes to accessibility. We did postpone the webkit work though,
> which means that the email view in KMail will continue to be problematic.
> Please keep the feedback comming so we work even harder ;)
> Greetings
> Frederik

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