[kde-russian] String changes in Calligra

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 на gmail.com
Ср Июн 18 09:14:43 MSK 2014

Hi, all!

Today I merged a calligra branch which does quite many string changes, so
the translations will have to be updated. The string changes include the

1) Some of the concepts inside Krita changed their naming. It was done to
make the terms consistent throughout application. It includes terms Brush,
Brush Engine, Brush Preset, Brush Tip and Brush Shape.

An image displaying the change:

See the following docs for more info:


Translations into Russian:

2) The second part of the merge implements typesafe undo command strings,
which was proposed in the following review request:


In general, this patch just adds (qtundo-format) contexts to lots of
strings, so you can use "magic split" easily. I hope many of the changes
will be fixed by fuzzy.

Dmitry Kazakov
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