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А почему нельзя было скрипты из Scripty использовать?

Alexander Potashev

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Subject: Re: automatic translator for dolphin service menu .desktop files
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El Divendres, 27 de febrer de 2015, a les 14:58:03, Helmy va escriure:
> Hello,
> i have been looking before writing one if there was a tool out there that
> would automatically translate user text keys in Dolphin service menus or
> .desktop files in general to other languages using something like google
> translate API

You're aware that the tems of Google Translate most probably don't let
you release that translation under a Free License, right?

> or preferably a good offline translation, to  help anyone
> writing a new service menu to offer multiple translations effortlessly
> especially when there are a lot of menu items
> i have searched for a while and couldn't find any
> in the case if there was none i would like to write one, can someone direct
> me to where i can find a full list of all the user text keys used by KDE
> inside .desktop files so they would only be translated
> so far what i have gathered by running grep -Er --include "*.desktop"
> "\[[a-zA-Z]+*\]=" on my system are the following keys

Creates a .po from a .desktop

Merges it back

There's also a few helpers for those in the scripts folder.


> name
> GenericName
> Comment
> Description
> DateFormat
> DateFormatShort
> TimeFormat
> X-KDE-Submenu
> X-KDE-Keywords
> Keywords
> X-GNOME-FullName

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