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2cas - important.

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Date: Friday, July 05, 2002, 1:49:45 PM
Subject: Kword Autocorrection dialog question. (fwd)

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> I get the impression that this problem hasn't been discussed on
> translators' list. I don't think I agree with Thomas here because
> what's the point in having options in the config dialog which cannot
> be used in language of the document?
> BTW. It seems we're supposed to write these XML files for own languages.

I sggest all KOffice translator to have a look at koffice/autocorrect/,
you should add an .xml file which describes autocorrection for your

Do it as soon as possible, I think there is a chance your language is not
fully supported by the autocorrection, you should tell the developers in
this case.

Federico Cozzi                             federico.cozzi на sns.it

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