[kde-russian] Release schedule for KOffice 1.3

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Пн Янв 13 08:56:43 MSK 2003

Суммирую для тех, кому некогда читать:

"Выпуск KOffice 1.3 запланирован на осень. Message freeze начнётся в
июне, а по-настоящему - в августе."

Андрей вполне может сэкономить свое время и заниматься пока другими

У KOffice появился новый ведущий проекта - Лукаш Тинкл (Lukб  Tinkl
(lukas на kde.org, lukas.tinkl на suse.cz)). Похоже, это связано с
разорением Мандрейка, предыдущий - Давид Фор - работал в Мандрейке.
Надо бы на сайте вывесить эту новость и предложить тем, кто желает
помочь разработчикам, связаться с Лукашом и включиться в работу.

Мне почему-то думается, что успех KDE в целом в большой степени
зависит от того, насколько хорошо будет работать KOffice...


NG> I forward the first draft of the KOffice 1.3 release schedule.

NG> If the URL given below does not work (yet), you can see the schedule also by 
NG> WebCVS at:
NG> http://webcvs.kde.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/~checkout~/developer.kde.org/development-versions/koffice-1.3-release-plan.html?rev=1.1&content-type=text/html

NG> Please note: this plan means again maasive work for translation
NG> teams in August. As it was already problematic last year, I ask
NG> the teams that had problems to speak up. Thank you in advance!

NG> And please CC Lukб !

NG> Have a nice day/evening/night!

NG> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------

NG> Subject: Release schedule for KOffice 1.3
NG> Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 13:29:14 +0100
NG> From: Lukб  Tinkl <lukas на kde.org>
NG> To: koffice-devel на mail.kde.org

NG> Hello dear KOffice developers,
NG> another year went by, and I feel like it's about time for
NG> thinking about another major KOffice release ;)

NG> I just posted a first and very preliminary schedule for the upcoming version
NG> of KOffice (1.3) which is available at, as usually, at
NG> http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/koffice-1.3-release-plan.html

NG> I'd like to ask the specific maintainers to go through this list and review
NG> mainly these points:
NG> - add new features for your app when you think they're are worth mentioning
NG> and if you are sure this will indeed appear in the final version
NG> - cry out if the schedule is too tight, we have still enough time to change
NG>  it

NG> :-)

NG> - please add entries for new/improved filters (Nicholas?)
NG> - please take some time and update the webpage for your application; take
NG>  some great screenshots, update the information about current version,
NG>  features, maintainers etc (most stuff is _really_ outdated!!!)

NG> What could be the major goals of this version[1]?
NG> - get more and better looking templates (this is a must IMHO)
NG> - new icons? (I've heard the artists are making some new crystal icons
NG> exclusively for KOffice)
NG> - incorporate/finish Krita/Karbon, make sure they work consistently with the
NG> rest of apps (drag'n'drop, copy&paste, etc.)
NG> - find a _real_ maintainer for Kivio

NG> Since I have little idea about the graphic apps we have, I'd
NG> appreciate some status info about the current state of Krita,
NG> Karbon and Kontour (and also KExi). If an app lacks an active
NG> maintainer and is unfinished/broken, it will get moved to
NG> kdenonbeta (seems to be the case for Kontour or KoSoap).

NG> Last but not least, I'd like to thank David Faure for having
NG> been a wonderful maintainer of the past few KOffice versions. I
NG> hope I'll manage to pull some tasks off his back so he can
NG> concentrate on more interesting (and important[2]) things,
NG> thanks David!

NG> Thanks for your attention, keep the mails coming :)

NG> [1] Subject for discussion
NG> [2] Like hyphenation; hint, hint :-)
NG> --
NG> Lukб  Tinkl (lukas на kde.org, lukas.tinkl на suse.cz)
NG> KDE developer | SuSE Labs
NG> http://czechia.kde.org
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NG> http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/koffice-devel

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