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Пт Июл 18 23:54:12 MSD 2003

SG> Но вот у меня есть одно принципиальное замечание - N141. Там
SG> говориться про критерий Limit. Мне кажеться, что ты ошибся,
SG> изменив мой перевод в случае с параметром "!". Ты написал там,
SG> что при использовании параметра ! "пакеты будут проходить
SG> правило только тогда, когда ограничение не превышено". Насколько
SG> я знаю, всё наоборот
Посмотрю, спасибо.

Вот, почитай свежие новости - чем ты сейчас занимаешься :) Я хочу
подключить к этой работе ещё других людей, чтобы этот перевод был
готов как можно быстрее.



I'll now proceed in writing a new KDE development book. Mainly
because the old KDE 2 development book sucks in certain kind of ways
and through the experience of participating on that book having to
use DOC format and other things, I'll start basically from scratch.
Any help in proof-reading and later in translation is very welcome.
Example code is also nice to have :-)

As I haven't taken care of any publisher who'll do hard prints I
guess that'll come over time. The License for the book will be the
GNU Free Documentation License, which is because my manuals in
KDevelop were GPL licensed and I had to buy myself a hard copy of my
own work. Which sucked as well :-)

So, target is: FDL-licensed book that can be published on
developer.kde.org, covering:

- C++ 
- Qt 3.2
- KDE 3.2
- KDE/Qt development tools, debugging
- KDE/Qt translation tools
- writing DocBook manuals

Specifically the book will cover KDevelop 3 as well as one big chunk
of it so we can reuse the book for the KDevelop manuals and ship it
with KDevelop directly (even though the debian package for the book
will end up in non-free, see recent discussions about the FDL).

For the book to come forward, I'll use docbook myself and I would
like to re-use Lauri's docbook manuals on how to write good
documentation. The question is: where to put the docbook files so we
have a buildsystem around it and can have anyone participate in
writing it so we can use CVS plus when certain chapters are finished
translators can translate it, and how we get it published directly
during the process of writing it on developer.kde.org so anyone can
review the book and send in patches ?

Forgot something: I'd like to have the KDE and Qt API included. I
guess the Qt API docs and other docs are tricky because the
copyright is with TT - but as Qt is GPL we could as well license the
whole book (or the API part of the book which could be a separate
book) GPL.

The issue is now, how do we get docbook files out of the doxygen
generated docs ? Any clues ?

BTW: the copyright of the book should be with the KDE e.V. That
allows it to continue further even when programmers stopped working
on the book and aren't available anymore. Then the KDE e.V. can
still publish it. I guess that's in everyone's interest; it should
however have an authors section and a credits section like any other
KDE program.




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