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Jesper K. Pedersen =?iso-8859-1?q?blackie_=CE=C1_blackie=2Edk?=
Чт Апр 14 14:45:42 MSD 2005

KimdaBa has now entered complete message freeze (both text in code, and user 
manual) where it will be till 30/4 23:59 CET
Sunday morning 1/5 I plan to release KimDaBa 2.1.

Kind Regards

On Monday 04 April 2005 08:26, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
| KimDaBa is now slowly starting to get ready for release.
| Ready are now the kimdaba handbook as found in kdeextragear-2/doc/kimdaba,
| and over the next week I'll string freeze the application itself.
| Suggested schedule:
| 4-10/4 (this week): The handbook as written in English is spellchecked.
| However does that (Stephan Binner?), please report back here as soon as
| done, so the translators can get the most time as possible.
| 11/4-30/4 meesage freeze for the handbook (translation phase)
| 11/4-17/4 spellchecking the source code (Stephan Binner?)
| 18/4-30/4 meesage freeze for the source code (translation phase)
| How does that sound?
| Kind Regards and thanks in advance
| Jesper.

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