[kde-russian] updated NoteEdit translation request

Matevz Jekovec =?iso-8859-1?q?matevz=2Ejekovec_=CE=C1_guest=2Earnes=2Esi?=
Пн Июн 6 00:11:32 MSD 2005

Dear translation teams!

We're happy to announce that a new version of NoteEdit - a Qt/KDE music 
score editor, is going to be released in a few weeks. We're even happier 
as this is our first major release developed by the new development 
team, since the original author and maintainer for a long time Jörg 
Anders left the project. A new 2.8.0 version brings many new features 
and even more bug squashes. You can read more about them on the project 

The important thing is that a new release brought many menu 
reorganizations, new warnings and messages, different signs and labels 
and so on. The old 2.7.3 version of NoteEdit already included a 
translation for languages de, es, fr, hu, it, ru, sk and sv. We managed 
to keep updated the original English, German (most of developers), a new 
Slovenian (myself) and Slovakian (Zdenko Podobny) translation. We 
contacted the original translators, but for the exception of Zdenko, 
didn't recieved any replies. So, we'd like you to visit our website 
(http://noteedit.berlios.de), download the latest Release Candidate 
version (or the SVN version) of NoteEdit and send us the updated 
translation file for your language. A deadline for the translations that 
will make it to 2.8.0 is Sunday, 12th June 2005, 23:59. Translations 
sent later will not make it to the 2.8.0 version, but will be included 
in the next one, which will probably be released within a month.

Please let us know if you recieved this message and if anyone of you is 
prepared to do a translation for his/her language. If no replies are 
recieved, we'll assume that this message didn't make it to the mailing 
list and we'll start searching for other translators and try to contact 
other translator centers.

Best wishes & good luck!
- Matevž Jekovec
NoteEdit developer

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