[kde-russian] updated NoteEdit translation request

Alexandre Prokoudine =?iso-8859-1?q?alexandre=2Eprokoudine_=CE=C1_gmail=2Ecom?=
Пн Июн 6 01:26:27 MSD 2005

On 6/6/05, Matevz Jekovec <matevz.jekovec на guest.arnes.si> wrote:

> The important thing is that a new release brought many menu
> reorganizations, new warnings and messages, different signs and labels
> and so on. The old 2.7.3 version of NoteEdit already included a
> translation for languages de, es, fr, hu, it, ru, sk and sv. We managed
> to keep updated the original English, German (most of developers), a new
> Slovenian (myself) and Slovakian (Zdenko Podobny) translation. We
> contacted the original translators, but for the exception of Zdenko,
> didn't recieved any replies.

Гм, ну если Pavlo and Anna Bohmat не откликнутся, готов посмотреть,
тем более что это мой профиль.


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