[kde-russian] Re: [Kimdaba-i18n] Translated every single string, but there are english strings left in GUI

Jesper K. Pedersen =?iso-8859-1?q?blackie_=CE=C1_kde=2Eorg?=
Пт Сен 2 11:02:13 MSD 2005

On Thursday 01 September 2005 22:41, Oliver Dörr wrote:
| Hi,
| i just translated every single string of the actual svn from KimDaBa
| into german. Sadly there are english strings left. Could somebody tell
| me which is the right way to communicate such bugs?
Really? I wonder how that could happen, I use special C++ defines to avoid 

Anyway, please mail to me directly, and I'll fix it.


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