[kde-russian] [KPhotoAlbum-i18n] KPhotoAlbum enters message freeze

Jesper K. Pedersen =?iso-8859-1?q?blackie_=CE=C1_blackie=2Edk?=
Пн Мар 20 05:58:50 MSK 2006

KPhotoAlbum (located in extragear/graphics) now enteres message freze, so 
please go ahead and start translating.

KPhotoAlbum was renamed from KimDaBa a few month ago, so you may wish to copy 
its .pot file over before translating, to avoid retranslating the whole 

KPhotoAlbum is planed to be released in three week, on Monday April 10th.

Kind Regards and thanks for your contribution

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