[kde-russian] bug in the Russian KDevelop translation

Evgeniy Ivanov =?iso-8859-1?q?lolkaantimat_=CE=C1_gmail=2Ecom?=
Пн Сен 24 22:42:47 MSD 2007

KDevelop was translated to Russian some years ago (and it's already in other
Distros), but in Kubuntu it is still in English (but Russian translation is
May you add KDevelop translation to your kde-i18n-ru package?

Please, cp your answers to kde-russian на lists.kde.ru

Also, there are some other problems in the kde-russian -> kubuntu-russian.
KDE Russian team translates applications and docs, but in Kubuntu they may
be in English for a long time (another Distros add translations very
quickly). There was some conversation about it in the ubuntu-l10n-ru на lists.
ubuntu.com list, but the question is still open. It would be nice to talk
about it (in your list with CP to kde-russian на lists.kde.ru and to ubuntu
-l10n-ru на lists.ubuntu.com).

Best regards,

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