[kde-russian] KDE and the russian government?

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Пн Сен 24 02:42:01 MSD 2007


I also hope that linux distribution for russian schools will be based on
ALT Linux. Thank you for the proposal of help, we'll get in touch if we
get some problems.
Andrey Cherepanov is really a good cjntact person: he is leader of KDE
russian localisation and he is ALT Linux employer.

Looking forward,
Alexey Smirnov
ALT Linux, CEO

Gregory Mokhin wrote:
> Hi,
> One of the key persons in KDE Russian team is also a member of ALT
> Linux team - Andrey Cherepanov <cas на altlinux.ru>. Hopefully he is a
> right person to talk to about that. I'm also cc'ing this to ALT Linux
> management, Aleksey Smirnov and Aleksey Novodvorsky. Don't hesitate to
> contact me in case you'll need more help.
> Best regards,
> Gregory
> On 9/23/07, Troy Unrau <troy.unrau на gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey, the Russian government has announced that they are making a state
>> sponsored linux distro (I believe it will be derived from ALTLinux) to
>> make available to schools nationally over the next two years. We're
>> hoping to find someone in Russia (who is involved with KDE) to act as
>> a sort of community contact with this project.
>> We want to make sure that KDE is aware of any goals and requirements
>> of this project so that we can help, and at the same time, make sure
>> that any work they are doing (like translating) ends up back with KDE.
>> I don't speak russian, or I would do this myself, so instead I will
>> need someone to help me out.  If anyone wants to get more involved in
>> KDE, this is a good way (without coding).
>> Cheers folks
>> --
>> Troy Unrau
>> Geophysics Student - University of Manitoba
>> KDE Gearhead

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