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Yuri Chornoivan yurchor на ukr.net
Чт Апр 25 00:09:40 MSK 2013

Добрый день,

Небольшая коррекция. Теперь можно переводить на Transifex. ;)

С уважением,

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Тема: Re: Request for translation support
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Unfortunately I got only one response for Hungarian so far. Maybe a more  
comfortable solution would be helpful. Therefore I prepared an online  
translation project at Transifex:  

Project: User Weave (our usability platform)
Resource: SWOT file managers (the current study)

Please help us with at least French, Italian and Spanish translation.

Thanks in advance,

Am 23.04.2013 10:58:56, schrieb Heiko Tietze:
> Dear translators,
> We prepared a pretty interesting study about the future development of  
> Dolphin [1]. To attract as many participants >as possible we would like  
> to have translations for at least all major languages. So I kindly ask  
> you for translation >support. Until now we have English and German done.
> You need to get invited to our online survey platform UserWeave [2]. If  
> you are interested just send an email to >join на userweave.net. After  
> registration you can found the study at KDE > 201304_Dolphin-Users. The  
> translation tool is >located under configuration. Unfortunately it  
> doesn't provides any convenience features.
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Heiko.
> [1] http://user-prompt.com/quo-vadis-dolphi ... ers-study/
> [2] http://user-weave.com
> PS: 'Cross' post at http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=110912
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