[kde-russian] [KPhotoAlbum-i18n] KPhotoAlbum enters message freeze + price drawing contest

Jesper K. Pedersen =?iso-8859-1?q?blackie_=CE=C1_blackie=2Edk?=
Вс Дек 10 13:02:21 MSK 2006

Today KPhotoAlbum entered message freeze, and is now ready to be translated
(last night the templates was updated). The release will happen Dec 31th
2006. (packing will happen early on the 31th).

Your contribution to KPhotoAlbum is highly appreciated. To bring a bit of
attention to the great work you do by translating the applications, I'd
like to run a small prize drawing contest which you participate in if you
have translated KPhotoAlbum. The prize is $100.

I completely understands that $100 is not a whole lot of money for any one
of you, and this is merely to show some appreciation of your contribution. 

Technicalities regarding the drawing:
Every person or team that has translated the messages in the application
get one entry in the draw. Every person or team that has translated the user 
manual gets
two entries in the draw. Only translations that are 100% complete counts.

The prize is $100 and will be transfered using paypal, so it is your
responsibility to have a paypal account.

I'll extract the list of who checked in a revision latest in SVN (on dec
31th), and trust that the teams will figure out how to share the price in
case several people contributed. (Heck in best case you will be able to go
a couple of people to dinner, we are not talking millions here :-)

Kind Regards

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thousands of images?

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